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A Time To Pray And A Time To Act

Exodus 14 tells of the Israelites' escape from the oppressive regime in Egypt. It was a time fraught with uncertainty, fear and lack of support of Moses.
 From a people marching out boldly, they became a terrified people who revolted against Moses. As he cried out to the Lord, God’s response was a sharp prod, galvanising Moses to action. The time for prayer was over; action was now required and in this action, God was marvellously glorified and the Israelites’ profile greatly increased.
You may be in a situation of desperation and you may have been supplicating for a while. Sometimes, God’s answer,the resolution to our problems, is in our own hands and we need to use the resource with which we have already been provided. The Lord’s instruction to Moses was to tell the people to move forward and to exercise his authority by raising his staff and stretching it over the sea. This act of exercising the power invested in him resulted in the marvellous story of the dividing of the Red Sea.
You, also, have the authority of God and the provision of gifts. What are you waiting for? Move forward, using the gifts with which you have been provided and under God’s direction, to experience a parting of your Red Sea.
He Will Build Up Jerusalem
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Friday, 18 January 2019

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