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Facing The Right Direction

The direction we are facing often determines the destination at which we arrive. Seasoned and not-so-seasoned travellers know that the rising sun indicates east while the setting sun denotes

 west. Seamen find their position by charting the Northern Star. Christians, get to their destination by looking to Jesus.


John gives his readers an important detail about Mary’s grief stricken time in the garden on Resurrection Sunday. Gazing at the empty tomb, she wept for the death of her beloved Lord and the disappearance of her last link. Even the presence of angels did not comfort her.


Then she turned around and in doing so came face-to-face with her risen Lord. He had been standing there but she had been facing in the wrong direction! Expecting a decaying corpse, she was given someone who was gloriously alive!


How often we experience unnecessary pain, sorrow, unease, hopelessness and lack of direction, because we are looking in the wrong direction, to the wrong person.


Easter tells us that Jesus is alive. He has conquered the grave and is interceding for us. His goal is to have us hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” We can hear this if we look to him for direction.


The joy of Easter is that our beloved Lord rose from among the dead and can to do for us as He promised. Will you demonstrate that Easter is not just a time of egg hunts and bunnies by charting your journey according to Jesus?

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Friday, 18 January 2019

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