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Learning From Joseph


The story of Jesus’ birth is retold so often that one can be forgiven for thinking there is nothing new to uncover. Yet we often forget Joseph, ignoring his pivotal role, God’s 

fascinating dealings with him, and the key learnings which can help in our own spiritual journey.

Why is the ‘righteous’ Joseph allowed to endure such emotional turmoil before the assurance that Mary had not betrayed him? Why was Gabriel not sent to Joseph at the same time that he visited Mary? Why was he not saved the pain by being included earlier in the information loop?

I can only surmise that God was testing the mettle of this righteous man to determine how he would handle pressure and respond to severe testing; for it is only after Joseph’s merciful decision to save Mary from public disgrace that her faithfulness and Joseph’s place in the plan of history and salvation is revealed.

This man, chosen to father the human Jesus especially in his formative years, had to be strong but gentle, obedient to the Lord and willing to do whatever He asked, understanding the spirit of the law and not just its letter, self-sacrificing in his attitude of putting others first.

God loves us, His plan for us is always good and he can bring to pass whatever he determines. Even in the times of our own difficulties, we remember that the Lord has allowed this, and allowed it for an eternal purpose. This assurance can bring great comfort in our own times of pain and difficulties. When we feel that we are not accomplishing much and are pretty well useless in the Kingdom of God, remember Joseph: in the background shadows yet a lynch pin in God’s design of salvation. 

May your Christmas celebration include the realisation that the baby whose birth you celebrate has a designer role for you to play in His kingdom.

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Friday, 18 January 2019

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