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Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing

The multimillion dollar inheritance was baffling to the poor family.They didn’t know their benefactor and didn’t know how he knew them. Even with the explanation, they 

couldn’t remember him.


 Apparently their little girl had smiled at an old man sitting forlornly on a bench in town and the multimillionaire said that her kind smile brought him the only joy he had known for many years.


 Kindness is only one of the multi-faceted outcomes of love, each splendid in itself, with the ability to initiate wholeness in the recipient. As we celebrate Valentine’s day this month, it is worth reflecting on love and the wholeness it brings us. 


 The Greeks had many words to capture different facets of ‘love,’ four of which are more familiar - agape, éros, philia and storge. These words capture the unconditional love of God for man and vice-versa; passionate love that often finds expression in sexual activity; deep friendship among equals often called brotherly love; and the instinctive love of parents and children for each other.


 It does not matter which word one uses to describe ‘love’ or which aspect of ‘love’ is being highlighted. We know that it is ‘love’ when the characteristics identified in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 are present. Some of these attributes may be more highly developed than others but in every reality of love these characteristics are the natural outflow.


 When we open our hearts to God’s saturating love, His shalom in us is evidenced by these fifteen attributes. Giving love is the inevitable response to being saturated by love. 


 A little girl’s financial security is a minuscule reward compared to the total wellbeing that God’s circulating love brings. As the songwriter explains,


 “Your fingers touched my silent heart and taught it how to sing.Yes, true love's a many splendoured thing.”


Will you receive His love and allow yourself to share love?


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Friday, 18 January 2019

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