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Mothering Sunday


This month, we celebrate Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day, the latter deriving from the former.

What we celebrate today as mother’s day, first began life as Mothering Sunday, the day when those who had departed from the community for work and other reasons, retraced their steps to their home parish. There they would join family for the worship service in their ‘mother’ church.

 This was a special day, a special time. Why?

·      It was a time of returning for those who had strayed; an opportunity to turn from the past and recommit to the god-values for the future.

·      It was a time of refreshing – the refreshing of shared fellowship with family, both biological and spiritual

·      It was a time of remembering – the innocence of youth, the joys of friendship, the lessons taught and truths learnt

·      It was a time of celebrating ‘ Mother Church’ for all that she had given in the early shaping  and guiding of our lives

·      Most of all, it was a time of thankfulness to God, the primary example of motherhood from whom institutions, such as church and family structure, originated.

But it is also a time to honour our own mothers. As for our ‘mother’ church so it is also a time to reflect on the good values or lessons that we have learnt from our biological mothers and their substitutes, whether male or female. Whatever our relationships with our mothers may have been, it is a time to return, to honour, to thank and to recommit to a relationship that reinstates the pattern that our Lord Jesus taught and exemplified.

Happy Mothering Sunday! A blessed Mother’s Day!

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Friday, 18 January 2019

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