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Saving Time

Early morning, 29th October 2017, British daylight saving time will end and the clocks will be turned back an hour. 
While in March we ‘lost’ an hour and could sleep longer, we will now ‘regain’ an hour, although with less sleep. And pity the workers who are on the midnight to morning shift for they will actually be working one hour extra!
Mankind’s manipulation of hours must seem like children playing with the hands of a clock. For really, we cannot change time although we change the naming of time. The Bible tells us that our time is in God’s hand. He determines the time when our Lord’s second coming will occur and he determines whether our time on earth will end before Christ’s coming.So the more important thing is not how much time we have but what we do with the amount that we have. 
How do you use your time? Is it spent in praise and worship of God? Do we sit quietly, giving the Lord our undivided attention so that we hear him speaking? Are the 24 hours in our day infused with a sense of his presence? Let us remember that we cannot turn back the clock even ten minutes to extend our lives so it is important that each minute counts for us.
The Lamb and The Cross
The Cornerstone Was Set, Build The Walls


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