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The Case Of The Missing Donkey

During the Christmas holidays, the image of Mary riding on a donkey was prevalent. Yet, in reading the gospel accounts of the nativity, there is no mention of the animal.


Of course, this image can be defended by surmising that there may have been a donkey; that the journey would have been too long and too far for a heavily pregnant woman to walk. This simple act, highlights what we often do with Scripture and what we often practise in our own lives.


Surmising is an acceptable practice in many spheres of human activity. However, with regards to the interpretation of Scripture, we should avoid this route. Wherever it is possible to verify facts, the wiser choice of action is to do that before surmising, otherwise we run the risk of reading into Scripture our own ideas or hearsay. Also, whenever we are surmising in the interpretation of Scripture, we need to be clear that that is what we are doing and highlight what is not stated as FACT in the passage.


Since the reading of Scripture is essential for knowing the mind of God then it is all the more important to choose facts rather than speculation.

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Friday, 18 January 2019

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