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The Donkey That Saved

Is man superior to the donkey or is the ass superior to man?


In Numbers 22, we read a fascinating and frightening account of role reversal with a donkey being more sensitive to the angel of the Lord than Balaam, the prophet. Thrice the donkey recognises the restraining presence of the angel and obeys; thrice Balaam thrashes the animal and would have killed it, the right weapons being available. Not until the Lord caused the donkey to speak and Balaam’s eyes opened that he realised the error of his ways. The angel told Balaam that he would have been killed but the donkey spared because the path he had chosen was reckless before the Lord.


Man who was given authority over all other living creatures, with the capacity to grow in intimacy with the Lord, was saved by the sensitivity of the animal.


When we embark on ways that are reckless before the Lord, we forfeit or erode the gift of rulership given to humankind and the donkey becomes wisdom for man.


When our ways are reckless before the Lord and our eyes and ears blind and deaf to Him, we lose our spiritual sensitivity. If this continues indefinitely, we risk being destroyed because of our own recklessness.


Let’s not be more of a donkey than the donkey is.

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Friday, 18 January 2019

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