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The Sanctification of the Lord


"Israel, Israel!" Do you not hear the cry of the Lord? 

I turn to the side and watch you fall, whilst I lay on the ground also

My heart bleeds as I look at you, as I glance at myself

You opened up your gates, allowing rivers to seep in. Weighing you down.

Tainted by the things of the world. You have no concern for your God, only for self

Why Israel, do you try to keep your life? Why is the heart so wicked?

Oh Father, we are so far from You. What do you see when you look at us?

With our lips we honour You, but we honour in vain

Our thoughts are wicked. We have strayed from You greatly.

Lord, I am tired of the hypocrisy. I am tired of seeking my own way,

What will it amount to? Nothing. This world is passing away

Cleanse us all of our iniquity.

Set our paths.

Remove the oxygen of Egypt, that courses through our veins. Make us despise it Lord 

Replace it with Your breath. With Your word. With Your will.

Create in us a boldness, lift up Your people.

Expose our idolatry, bring us back to Your way.

Help us to be true. Strengthen us.

For it is getting late, the hour is quickly passing,

His voice rumbles over the face of the Earth and many hear it.

They say, “I don’t like the sound of rumbling. Quick, let us find a way to fix it”,

So they toil night and day, to no avail.

They do not desire your Kingdom.

Show them the error of their ways.

For no one will be able to stand, unless they are truly rooted in You.

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Friday, 18 January 2019

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