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The Word is More Than Words



As I sat in front of my laptop, I contemplated on what I would write this month.  Many ideas swirled throughout my brain. Yet, I was hesitant.  A good concept, would not be good enough. So, the question surfaced; what does the Lord want me to shine a light upon?

 What is the Lord showing me in my own personal life and in the lives of those who surround me and the wider world? What is God trying to show you- a believer, called by His name? So, here it is- the Word of God, is more than just words.


We live in a generation where we are bombarded with information. Words come at us from many angles, this is no secret. We’re so used to hearing things, that it is no surprise that in our human frailty we become almost numb to what we hear. Responding in a dull, passive, lackadaisical manner. But today I am here to tell you, this has to end. The Word of God brings life and is life. Nothing God has ever written has been in vain and it’s time we start treating His Word as such.


So this month, examine yourself. Do you believe everything the word of God has to say? Do you truly believe Jesus died for your sins? Do you believe that God is Sovereign? Do you believe that He can take you- a broken vessel; fix you and use you for His purpose? Do you believe He has control over the seasons? Do you believe He can halt the wind? Do you believe He can send you into the four corners of the Earth to preach His Word? Do you believe He can make the blind see? Do you truly believe His Word is more than words?

The Cornerstone Was Set, Build The Walls
He Will Build Up Jerusalem


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Friday, 18 January 2019

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